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Version: 2.16.0

Automated accessibility checks

Richie includes automated accessibility checks built through a Cypress end-to-end testing infrastructure.

Automated accessibility checks can only surface around 30% of possible problems in any given page. This does not mean they are not useful, but they cannot replace human audits and developer proficiency.

We use axe to run these checks. You can find more about axe on the axe-core GitHub repository.

Testing environment setup

Both Cypress and axe are used through their respective NPM packages. This means everything goes through yarn commands. You need to have node and yarn installed locally to run the tests.

cd tests_e2e
yarn install

This should install everything you need.

Running the tests

There are two way to use the Cypress tests: through a terminal-based runner and through the Cypress UI. Both are started through yarn but they have different use cases.

yarn cypress run

You can start by running the tests directly from the terminal. This is the quickest way to make sure all views pass checks (or find out which ones do not). This is also the starting point for work on running Cypress in the CI.

yarn cypress open

This command simply opens the Cypress UI. From there, you can run all or some of the test suites with live reloading. This is a great way to understand why some tests are failing, especially when it comes to a11y violations.

When there are a11y violations, an assertion fails and prints out a list in the Cypress UI. You can then click on a violation to print more information in the browser console.

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