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Richie helps educators create rich online learning portals

A CMS for Open Education

Richie helps educators create online learning portals.

Build websites including online course catalogs in days with Richie's content management system.

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Multilingual by Design

From the ground up, Richie is localized and handles multilingual content.

Built for Search

Richie integrates a powerful course search engine with autosuggestion and advanced filtering options.

Fully Customizable

Personalize course catalogs by swapping colors and styles, or dive deep to customize the built-in search engine.

Fully Open Source

Built with Django CMS, Django, and React - everything is in the open. Richie is available under the MIT license.

Users can modify and distribute documentation freely. Start contributing today.

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What Richie brings you

An LMS-agnostic Education Portal

Course catalogs can synchronize with one or more LMS instances running different software, such as Open edX or Moodle. Richie aggregates it all for your users.


Content authors do not have to rely on software engineers to create and update all materials in Richie. Instead, authors use a rich editor interface to maintain content.

Advanced Access Rights and Moderation

Everything is managed through comprehensive access rights from CMS content structured objects like organizations, courses, and categories. Rights scale from individual users to enterprise-wide.

A Multilingual Website

Richie is available in more than one language, and you can add yours by talking to us. All the content can be added and managed in as many languages as you need. Richie is available in English, French, Spanish, and more. Want to add yours? Reach out! Richie supports content creation and management in as many languages as you need.

An Extensible Platform

Richie is a Django application with a NPM package. You can install it as a third-party app to build learning platforms.

Join the Community

Project stakeholders regularly check in through virtual meetups in English. Discussions take place in the #richie channel of the DjangoCMS Slack instance

We encourage potential and new contributors to introduce themselves and get help.

Who is Using Richie?

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