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Version: 2.21.1

Displaying OpenEdX connection status in Richie

This guide explains how to configure Richie and OpenEdX to share the OpenEdX connection status and display profile information for the logged-in user in Richie.

In Richie, the only users that are actually authenticated on the DjangoCMS instance producing the site, are editors and staff users. Your instructors and learners will not have user accounts on Richie, but authentication is delegated to a remote service that can be OpenEdX, KeyCloack, or your own centralized identity management service.

In the following, we will explain how to use OpenEdX as your authentication delegation service.


Richie will need to make CORS requests to the OpenEdX instance. As a consequence, you need to activate CORS requests on your OpenEdX instance:


Then, make sure the following settings are set as follows on your OpenEdX instance:

CORS_ORIGIN_WHITELIST: [""] # The domain on which Richie is hosted

Allow redirects

When Richie sends the user to the OpenEdX instance for authentication, and wants OpenEdX to redirect the user back to Richie after a successful login or signup, it prefixes the path with /richie. Adding the following rule to your Nginx server (or equivalent) and replacing the richie host by yours will allow this redirect to follow through to your Richie instance:

rewrite ^/richie/(.*)$$1 permanent;

Configure authentication delegation

Now, on your Richie instance, you need to configure the service to which Richie will delegate authentication using the RICHIE_AUTHENTICATION_DELEGATION setting:

"BASE_URL": "",
"BACKEND": "openedx-hawthorn",
"dashboard": {
"label": _("Dashboard"),
"href": "{base_url:s}/dashboard",

The following should help you understand how to configure this setting:


The base url on which the OpenEdX instance is hosted. This is used to construct the complete url of the login/signup pages to which the frontend application will send the user for authentication.


The name of the ReactJS backend to use for the targeted LMS.

  • Type: string
  • Required: Yes
  • Value: Richie ships with the following Javascript backends:
    • openedx-dogwood: backend for OpenEdX versions equal to dogwood or eucalyptus
    • openedx-hawthorn: backend for OpenEdX versions equal to hawthorn or higher
    • openedx-fonzie: backend for OpenEdX via Fonzie (extra user info and JWT tokens)
    • base: fake backend for development purposes


Mapping definition of custom links presented to the logged-in user as a dropdown menu when he/she clicks on his/her username in Richie's page header.

Links order will be respected to build the dropdown menu.

  • Type: dictionary

  • Required: No

  • Value: For example, to emulate the links proposed in OpenEdX, you can configure this setting as follows:

    "dashboard": {
    "label": _("Dashboard"),
    "href": "{base_url:s}/dashboard",
    "profile": {
    "label": _("Profile"),
    "href": "{base_url:s}/u/(username)",
    "account": {
    "label": _("Account"),
    "href": "{base_url:s}/account/settings",

    The base_url variable is used as a Python format parameter and will be replaced by the value set for the above authentication delegation BASE_URL setting.

    If you need to bind user data into a url, wrap the property between brackets. For example, the link configured above for the profile page {base_url:s}/u/(username) would point to for a user carrying the username johndoe.